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Handwoven Rattan Hexagon Serving Tray - Large

Handwoven Rattan Hexagon Serving Tray - Large

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šš€š“š”š‘š€š‹ & š‡š€ššƒšŒš€šƒš„: Made of natural rattan threads, which are durable, sturdy, and environmental, the natural round basket is super lightweight and durable. NOTE: Every item is uniquely handcrafted, made from slightly different colored straws, so please understand if they are not the same color.
ššŽ š’š‹šˆš, ššŽ š’š‚š‘š€š“š‚š‡, ššŽ š’šŒš„š‹š‹: The quality management process is practiced before launching to make sure there is no smell, no sharp spikes. A wooden circle is added to the base to make the basket stronger and flat to stand still.Ā 


9.84" x 1.97"

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