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Modernized Pottery

BAMBOO Planters

BAMBOO Planters

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BAMBOO SET- indoor wood planter set designed and produced in Dallas, Texas studio. This modern and eco-friendly planter set is not only perfect for a variety of plants like succulents and cacti, but also makes an ideal gift for plant lovers among your family and friends. With a nod to our Texan roots, these planters exhibit a unique texture and earthy tones, echoing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Features: * Efficient water drainage system with a hole grid bottom and an optional drip tray. * Lightweight and durable, making it suitable for hanging plants.

* Made From Organic and Sustainable Material : a blend of bioplastic and recycled wood fibers. It's composition makes this planter fully reusable and eco-friendly.

Dimensions: (Widest dimension) Diameter 4.02 Inches x Height 3.30 Inches (Each)

We perform detailed quality checks to ensure exceptional quality, guaranteed beautiful and modern aesthetics, and unparalleled works of art.

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